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The NeoGeo Pocket, and its color incarnation, represent SNK's take on the whole portable gaming craze . . the NGPC is far and away the better of the two, with more titles and better ones at that. So far the problem with the system has not been the quality of the games, as almost ALL are worth playing and Metal Slug 1st mission in particular picked up awards as best portable game of the year from several gaming mags . . What's questionable is the quantity of games, and whether development will continue into the future. Certainly, 3rd party contributions have been lacking, as all the quality titles are coming from SNK themselves . . but with Nintendo's "gameboy advanced" being readied for action, SNK's lil puppy looks like it'll remain only a niche handheld among fighting & SNK enthusiasts . .
Emulation of the system is still lacking sound at this point . . the first NGPC emu that came out was crippled shareware released by a Japanese programmer who wanted 500 yen ($5) . . . that didn't sit too well for most people, primarily because contacting him was difficult and no one wanted to send the yen to Japan . . . next, a FAR better emu came out, with support for more games including Sonic, but the name of the emulator - RAPE? (standing for Rather a Pokemon Emulator?) caused quite a fuss . . check out our EPISODE on that (click here) . . anyways, development for RAPE? seemingly died with a letter sent by Nintendo to the authors . . the Big N thought RAPE? was a gameboy emu, and was thus its usually pissy, legally threatening self . . . what progress will be made in emulating the system remains to be seen.


16bit Toshiba TLCS900H CPU
LCD Custom reflective color TFT
Capable of displaying 146 colors per
frame from pallete of 4,096
160x152 Dot Resolution;
Size: 45mm x 48mm
Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 30.5 mm
Weight: 145 Grams -
w/ batteries 195 Grams
5 pin connector for communication
w/other ngp or DC
Runs on 2 "AA" batteries;
40 Hour Serial Operation Time
Internal Clock
Memory function via internal Lithium batteries
Basic PDA Functions such as
Alarm, Clock, World Time and
Calendar Horoscope reader

The only non-crippled shareware NGPC emu out there currently, RAPE? - besides being controversially named - has great compatibility, control, and runs in win2k . . . main thing it's lacking is sound, otherwise a great emulator and your only real choice . .
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