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Nintendo 64 / Ultra 64


Nintendo's N64 - also known as the "Ultra64" - is a strange system . . whereas Sega and Sony both wisely went with the cd-rom format, Nintendo opted to remain cartridge-based . . . whereas the Saturn and Playstation emphasized number of polygons and complex textures, the N64 relies on blurring techniques and relatively simple geometry, yet fluid mechanics and fast loading times. Finally, the Playstation and Saturn both enjoyed fairly decent third-party support, with Sony having the obvious edge, whereas almost all the 64's decent titles came either from rare or nintendo themselves . . . critics have hailed the controller, which was the first to feature analog and digital control, as an important innovation . . but in the end, while there are some beautiful titles like Zelda64, Mario64, and Goldeneye, there just weren't ENOUGH games, or variety, to compete with Sony's beast.

Emulation of the N64 revolutionized the emulation scene . . when RealityMan and Epsilon dropped the bombshell that was UltraHLE, no one really knew what the effects would be . . since then, we have seen a glut of emulation "fans" whose only interest is in emulating current games that are on store shelves, and saving money in doing so . . . however, this should not reflect badly on the emulator itself, or the n64 scene, as the programmers there are quite talented and hard-working, and n64 emulation can be considered a viable addition to the world of emulation, if done carefully . . .

Since UltraHLE, Nemu64, TR Win, and Corn have taken great strides
in achieving n64 emulation of commercial games, with advances in realms of speed, compatibility, features, and d3d acceleration (without a glide wrapper) . . .


CPU: 64-Bit RISC CPU, clock speed of 93.75 MHz
Memory: Rambus D-Ram 36-Mbit
maximum transmission speed of 4,500 Mbit/second
Co-Processor: SP (sound and graphics processor) and DP (pixel drawing processor) incorporated
clock speed of 62.5 MHz
Resolution: 256 x 224 - 640 x 480 dots
flicker-free interlaced mode support
Color: 32-Bit RGBA pixel color frame buffer support 21-Bit color video output Graphics Processing Functions: Z Buffer, Antialiasing, Realistic texture mapping (Tri-linear mip-map interpolation, environment mapping, perspective correction) Dimensions: 10.23 x 7.48 x 2.87
Weight: 2.42 lbs.


The one that started it all . . . Realityman and Epsilon's famous UltraHLE not only proved n64 emulation of commercial games at fast speeds possible, it also demonstrated the power of dynamic recompilation. With it followed much lameness and rom begging, but it still stands as one of emulation's major historic releases.
After UltraHLE was discontinued (it has since been recontinued), Nemu64 was head of the pack. and with recent updates it has surged ahead of UltraHLE in terms of compatibility . . the authors hate 3dfx though, so make sure you have a supported video card . . .
TR Win is a little behind Nemu64, but is similar in that it runs d3d, windowed, but with less speed and compatibility as of right now . . .
Corn is revolutionary in that it uses STATIC recompilation, which lets it achieve ballistic speed . . if you have a slower PC, and want to play m64 or starfox, sign up now . . . very nice

Top 7 N64 games we never saw:
1. Glaucoma64 - the first person shooter - with the N64's cutting-edge blur everything-to-death technology, this disability simulation could have sold millions . . .

2. The Endless Fog - Remember the fog in starfox? Shadows of the empire? lots of other n64 games? This game would be ALL FOG . . walk around in it . . you can't see shit! . . now THERE'S a concept!!!

3. Metroid 64 -what a big fat cheat this was too . . HELLOOO? talk about missing in action . . . would have rocked though . . guess Samus's gouraud-shaded ass will have to wait

4. Decent RPG other than Zelda . . . Quest64? I don't think so . . . Zelda proved that the N64 can do great RPG's . . if miyamoto's behind it and it takes several years . . . who else but Nintendo got that??

5. Any game with FMV. . . could someone tell me what the hell type of next-gen system couldn't even handle Sewer Shark or Night Trap? And Marky-Mark make your own music video too! what a loss . . .

6. Shitty Game by RARE - Fool . . RARE doesn't make bad games, that's why we didn't see any . . .

7. Snacks'n Jaxson 64 --And why exactly wasn't Jaxson remade for this system? Someone must be blamed . . . I want answers . . . (click here for Snacks'n Jaxson Review)