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Ahhhh . . . the infamous Nintendo gameboy . . this thing DEFINED handheld gaming, changing the face of portable consoles forever . . to be honest, I'd rather have a Nomad or Turboexpress, but the Gameboy, and later the Gameboy Color's success at attracting hundreds of 3rd-party titles makes it the definite juggernaut of the handheld scene . . . I used to play supermarioland ALL the time, and had beaten it three times through with a surplus of 26 lives before the end of a particularly long road trip (no, I wasn't driving at the same time!) . . . this system has been emulated everywhere, by everyone and their grandmother, and thus the options are plentiful & well-developed . . .


CPU: 8-bit (Similar to the Z80 processor.)
Main RAM: 8K Byte
Video RAM: 8K Byte
Screen Size 2.6"
Resolution: 160x144 (20x18 tiles)
Max # of sprites: 40
Max # sprites/line: 10
Max sprite size: 8x16
Min sprite size: 8x8
Clock Speed: 4.194304 MHz (4.295454 MHz for Super GB)
Horiz Sync: 9198 KHz (9420 KHz for Super GB)
Vert Sync: 59.73 Hz (61.17 Hz for Super GB)
Sound: 4 channels with stereo sound
Power: DC6V 0.7W (DC3V 0.7W for GB Pocket)
Gameboy Color:
Processor: 8 MHz Z80 work alike by Sharp with two processor modes: Single (4MHz) and double (8MHz) Video: 10, 32, or 56 on screen colors from a palette of 32000, Screen made by Sharp Resolution: 160x144x56 colors
Wow . . . REW is not only a great windows gameboy emu, it does NES and a little PC-Engine too! Supports CGB, has sound, and is fairly fast . . . this is a GREAT emulator, and very impressive . . . author is anonymous though . . whoever you are, you rule!
Besides having a really friendly name, HelloGB is fast, does GBC/SGB, has sound, and has extra features like frameskip. Another winner - "Say 'hello' to HelloGB!!!" . . . errr
My personal favorite DOS gb emu, dboy runs purty fast and does a lot of stuff . . perhaps a bit similar to VGB, but I like it better for my own selfish reasons . . updated more recently, too . . . check it out if you hate win emus and have a slower box
SMYGB is unfortunately a *little* slow, but everything else is there - GBC, sound, windowed+fullscreen mode, and good compatibility . . . also, it's a very tiny 44Kb, great for those with really slow connections, unlike this site ^^
NO$GMB is a cleverly named gameboy emu that covers most of the usual bases . . it's programmed in assembler, which means speed, and also available for windows AND Dos . . big feature here though is a GREAT debugger - perfect GB emu for anyone interested in gb programming, etc.
a good emulator still being worked on, that has nice sound implementation so far . . . runs cgb, gamegenie, sgb, and also does zipped roms . . .one to watch.
one of the first free emus to do color gameboy emulation, gameboy 98 is fast and compatible . . development has ceased, but it's still one worth having around on your cluttered HD . . .



Atari 8-bit & Atari ST
Commodore 64
Top 8 Things to do with a Busted Gameboy:
1. Put it in your pants! - just about the right size to achieve that "manly" look and impress all the girls . . plus, if it still beeps at all, get some strange looks . . . .

2. Fake Bomb - On a particularly annoying airplane ride, pretend your broken GB is actually a time-bomb,, to get that snoring senior citizen to your left awake, and fearful . . .

3. Sell to small, gullible child - "it's not broken, it's just in SLEEP mode . . . you have to feed it like a little pokemon to wake it up . . . only cost you $60!!"

4. Use at anti-nintendo rally - what better way to protest Nintendo's often backwards, monopolistic business tactics than by stomping their beloved handheld to bits??

5. Ignore the Masses - your gameboy may be broken, but the world doesn't have to know, and it should still work great as an excuse to ignore anyone to whom you DON'T want to speak (ex's, lamers, etc)

6. Science Fair -we all know how lame science fairs can be . . this year, take apart your gameboy and build something creative . . as long as it beeps or some shit, teachers will be impressed that you spent $60 for "educational purposes" and you might get a B . . . . .

7. Feed it to Mikie - He'll eat ANYTHING . . . .

8. Free admission to Asylum . . . wanna get in with all the fun people in the white rubber rooms? Sit staring at your blank GB screen for hours on end, appearing to be frustrated over losing at Tetris, and you're home free . . . .