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Nintendo Entertainment System


Ahh, the immortal NES . . what can be said? The clear winner in the 8-bit wars, the NES took the united states by storm, with kids & adults alike racing to buy every bit of nintendo merchandise they could get their hands on . . yes, even nintendo breakfast cereal was produced . . the single most important change the NES accomplished, however, was the clear switch of videogame central from America to Japan - from then on out, consoles were to be born and raised in the East, with few exceptions . . . I remember playing Super Mario and Zelda 2 in the basement, getting metroid and going ballistic when i got stuck in one of those inescapable areas, and yes, I actually had a Power Glove . . . which I tore the cord off and used as a prop after I realized it was a gimp piece of bunk.

While the 2600 gets most of the credit for starting the home console craze, the NES redefined it, paving the way for genre benchmarks like SMB, Zelda, Metroid, Excitebike, Contra, Castlevania, Megaman, and more . . . many of these franchises, needless to say, are still alive and well today ^^

Emulation of the system is fairly advanced;
there are a huge number of NES emulators out there, with various strengths and weaknesses, different features, and support for different "mappers" which affect compatibility. You'll have to test a lot to see which one works best for your own favorite games - the options are plentiful!


CPU type: 6502 8-bit (MOS)
CPU speed: 1.79 Mhz
RAM memory: 16 Kbit (2 Kbyte)
Video RAM: 16 Kbit (2 Kbyte)
Picture resolution: 256x240 pixels
Colors Available: 52 colors
Max colors at once: 24 colors
Max sprite size: 8x8 pixels
Max sprites: 64 sprites
Min/Max Cart Size: 192 Kbit - 4 Mbit
Sound: PSG sound


An absolutely badass dos NES emu by Sardu back when he was part of bloodlust . . speed, movie recording, save support, a great GUI, more speed, and compatibility . . great
can you say . . compatibility? Mappers up the wazoo means this fast dos emu can play more games than any other nes emu out there . . also great
Jnes is a nice windows emulator . . runs well, compact, inoffensive . . . we like it . . we think you should have it on your hard drive . . . it is fresh and moist, and that is wonderful . . . .
a relatively new NES emulator hosted over at Zophar's, which has an interesting GUI, nice speed, and good compatibility . . best of all, it's still being worked on actively . . .
Wow . . . REW is not only a great windows gameboy emu, it does NES and a little PC-Engine too! Supports CGB, has sound, and is fairly fast . . . this is a GREAT emulator, and very impressive . . . author is anonymous though . . whoever you are, you rule!
Rocknes is a good NES emulator in BOTH flavors - DOS & Win9x - and does game genie, dif. graphics modes, and has good compatibility plus a nice name . . the American version is called "MegaNES" ^^ (jk!)
This is a tight little DOS emu that has great speed and compatibility plus a name that sounds like a breakfast cereal (and that's ALWAYS a good thing) . . development seems to be dead, so this is most likely a final beta . . the homepage seems dead too . . shame . . .

Top 6 NES Products we wouldn't be caught dead with :
1. U-force - Oh my . . . this was an experimental controller that folded open . . you put your hands (or other movable body parts) inside the field and "controlled" your character by getting jiggy with it . . . Oh my . . .

2. ROB the Robot - Who thought this one UP? Probably the same guy who suggested Virtual Boy . . you can bet his Japanese ass was thrown out after that . . making unemployment for the entire nation rise by 2 percentage points . . ROB was frightening . . . ROB scares us . . .

3. Power Glove - No matter how exciting they tried to make this in ads or in that lame Fred Savage flick "The Wizard", the power glove was really only good for pretending you were a cybernetically enhanced Michael Jackson, grabbing your crotch in a bionic frenzy and . . . oops . . kinda got carried away there . . .

4.That Activity Mat for the Track / Running games
. . . Excuse me? Exercise? Doesn't that defeat the WHOLE purpose? My sedentary butt certainly ain't movin just so I can win a lousy track race . . . everyone with half a brain used their hands and cheated anyway . . . .

5. Nintendo Power magazine . . . people, it sucked . . it still sucks . . talk about giving yourself a forum to pat yourself on the back . . . maybe some helpful maps, but those god-awful "Howard and Nester" cartoons made me wanna spew Chef Boyardee all over the place . . .

6.Nintendo Breakfast Cereal

Though the thrill of mashing Nintendo's hard-protected copyrighted icons in my mouth DOES have a certain charm to it, the thought of buying something simply because of an affilation with the Big N screams of Borg-like assimilation . . . Nintendo Deodorant? Put nothing beyond doubt . . . .