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Atari LYNX


The Atari LYNX was a neat lil system with more than a few games that were . . . interesting . . the system never got the 3rd party licensing support it needed, but EPYX created some unique software like Electrocop. Chip's Challenge was the most fun, for me, but it was cool to show off Blue Lightning to friends that thought their gameboys were hot shit (graphically, that is ^^). Handy is the emulator of choice; it is somewhat lacking in speed, but compatibility is near perfect . . .



Screen size= 3.6 inches
Processor: 65C02 (8-bit) /
(16-bit graphics processor)
Processor Speed:4 MHz
Max Sprite Estimation: 128
Resolution: 160 X 102
Color depth: 16/4096
Sound: Lynx 1: Mono; Lynx 2: Stereo
Resolution: 160x102
Networking: Up to 8 players via ComLynx
Architecture: 16-bit
Debut Price (1988) $159.99


Handy is by far the best game in town, runs in win9x and nt/2k, has good compatibility and sound support, runs windowed and fullscreen, and is fairly slow but nevertheless . . well . . . handy

MetaLynx runs no commercial games, only a homebrewn version of lode runner, and is only interesting for "historical" purposes . . unlike its competitor, it is not very handy . . .


Top 5 LYNX games that sound like a five year old thought up the name:
1. Fat Bobby - What exactly compels ANYONE to buy a game with a name like this? Lonely chicks looking for some large love, perhaps, who mistakenly think they've found it? The mind reels . .

2. Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop - I really wouldn't have blamed Clint Eastwood at all if he had sued for defamation of character . . . Dirty Larry? "I know what you're thinking, punk - does the LYNX have one month left on the market, or two??"

3. Kung Food - no, okay? Just plain NO, not ever, never, forget about it, not an option . . . oh my jesus!

4.Todd's Adventures in Slime World . . . Doesn't leave much to the imagination, now, does it? Capcom could have called Strider "Hiryu's adventures in Neo-Russia, with a big sword!" too . . would it still have been a classic? Probably . . .

5. Electrocop . . . no relation to ROBOCOP . . we didn't steal the idea . . . it's not that we couldn't get the license . . . Electro is a very different prefix from Robo!! Really! Jeez . . whose side are you on, anyway??