OverClocked : Platforms:
Atari 2600, 5200, 7800


The Atari xx00 systems - the 2600 especially - established the home videogame console as a profitable, popular idea whose time had finally come . . . I remember hours of target fun, pacman, superman, & frogger in my grandparent's basement . . there weren't any polygons, lens flares, or mip-mapped bilinear filtered doodads . . just boxy graphics and a shitload of gameplay . . when anyone speaks of the "good ole days" they are usually referring to these systems . . the 5200 & 7800 improved on the original's formula in various ways, but never accumulated as large a user base or software library . . all hail the king of old skool . . the 2600 ownz you . . .



  2600 7800
CPU: 6507 4-bit processor 6502c (custom, not 65C02)
RAM: 128 Bytes, in VLSI 4k, high-speed
ROM: 4K max 52k max
Cpu Clock: 1.19 MHz 1.79Mhz
Graphics Clock: 1.19 MHz 7.16Mhz
Slot Config: CPURom access only most cpu lines + VA
CPU avail. less than 50% Over 90%

Emulator Name (linked where applicable)
last release

StellaX                          2600

My personal favorite, as it runs nicely under win9x/win2k, with sound, speed and compatibility all very shmooth . . plus, a really stylish name:
. . . . . Shhtellllaaaaa . . . .

PC Atari                        2600

An easy-to-use, GUI-driven WIN 2600 emu with sound (Sb16 and compatibles) as well as decent speed

Z26                                 2600

Another great DOS 2600 emulator, written in assembly, which gets good speed on low spec systems and has sound / good compat.

VSS                                5200

Currently the best 5200 emu available - DOS, sound with Sb16, great speed, and over 80% compatibility . . full name is "Virtual Super System" . . hot damn . .

Atari800win                  5200

this emu covers not only the 5200, but the Atari 800, 800xl, and 130xe computer systems as well (bonus!) . . sound and good compatibility make it worthwhile indeed

Jum's A5200 Emu      5200

this is a promising new 5200 emu that is still being actively worked on, so check the homepage every once in a while to see what's up.

V7800                             7800

This is far and away the best 7800 emu out there . . way better than all those other 7800 emus ^^ . . pretty much yer only option, outside of MESS working for you . . it's got sound and is fairly well along . .


Top 8 Atari 2600 Games you never knew about (and didn't want to):
1. Knight on the Town - One would think, given the 2600's less than stellar ability to handle representative graphics with any degree of detail, that PORNO games would be ruled out . . nevertheless, someone tried . . .you're a naked knight . . you build a bridge to reach the poontang . . seanbaby's got the full skinny here

2. BOOM BANG - What a brilliant name for a game, eh? The joys of onamatopoeia . . . here, our hero(ine?) drops brown things on spiders . . . this is the sort of concept that once passed as "plot" back in the heydays of retrogaming . .

3. Farmyard Fun - Our readers in West Virginia will certainly appreciate this rare 2600 diamond that is essentially frogger with chickens and some sort of pellets that you, as a farmboy, must collect. Whereas Frogger made sense because cars can and do kill frogs, this is quite strange, as apparently chickens can reach fatal velocities . . . who knew?

4.Lost Luggage
This could have been a great concept for a game, but instead, you essentially control two siamese twins joined by an invisible umbilical cord, and catch multi-colored suitcases that fall from the sky . . . and that's it . . think breakout, but with nothing to break . . wheee

5. Panda Chase - occassionally, developers tried new and exciting concepts with the 2600 . . and occassionally they ended up with surreal, shitty games about pandas . . . this was one of those occassions . . .

6.Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes
- I'm not sure if this was linked to "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" in some way or not, but in any case, you play what looks like a drug needle, and you shoot at angry purple tomatoes, while plants shoot at you AND the tomatoes as well, and occassionally a flying saucer passes by and shoots at EVERYBODY . . this sounds fun but it isn't . . .

7.Squeeze Box
- okay, i might be missing something, but this looks like a scenario where you're a criminal trying to escape from a box of different, rainbow colored strips of light . . . this profound study on man's aesthetic relationship with his environment was later used to prove beyond a doubt that Jeffrey Dahmer was insane, as he was apparently quite good at it . . . .

8.SSSnake - SSSucks! tries to be centipede and fails hard . . . whenever anyone says that gameplay today can't compare to the "golden years", show them this to shut them up . . yes, games were awful and derivative even back then . . check please!!