RS Man
Its good of you the way you leave your PC so wide open to others isn't it.  Warez is dirty and bad, don't you know that.  Just if you're going to deal with shit you could at least watch your back.

You're all probably quite wrong pointing your finger at RS, a fool maybe but no more.  Where should you be directing your anger, your a fallen hero, Apollo 'previously involved in such great projects as NeoGeoCD Cracks' SixtyNine.  Why, well where to start? I've been gathering my Information from RS' Drive for so long now it makes a story and a half to tell.  Well I must say thank you.

Put this Dusty old record back at the start.  The NeoGeo Country, they delivered some goods.  With note Super Dodge Ball, Captain Tomaday, Puzzle Bobble 2 & Irritating Maze.  So you say RS' took donations for these, paid for his boards dumped them and sold on for a healthy profit.  I'm afraid you'd be wrong there.  You see those games had been dumped since the NeoCharity Age.  Ask Mr. GuruChoc about that one.  Who read in these boards including the Rare Super Dodge Ball, just that Apollo69, but since NeoCharity closed did he ever plan on releasing them to the Public for Free? No Chance, but upon seeing RS' and Haze wanting to get the games dumped he jumped on the chance to make a quick cash-in.  600$ for the lot was it, the roms that it?  Thats not a bad deal.  For 600$ of RS' money the whole world could have a Number of NeoGeo Roms that would have otherwise Cost RS' a significant amount more to buy as MVS Boards with a Reader in the Bundle too, A deal that would have probably seen RS' at a loss anyway.  The bonus of some MVS Redumps thrown in for free also made it look good.  So Apollo 69 got his deal.

600$ doesn't come that easily.  The only real concievable approach was to ask for it.  NeoCharity had asked for Hardware donations, why not raise a few shiny coins, afterall it was in everyones best interests.  It soon started turning a bit sour.  GuruChoch mentioned on ArcadeRomHeaven that RS' was a Scam and that these Roms had already been dumped (and that he might upload the roms) after previous conflicts between himself and RS' over some Metal Slug X Roms.  RS' having taken it out to pay Apollo69 with money he couldn't really afford had to react fast.  Discredit GuruChoc and keep the donations rolling in.  Things held out for a while but it didn't take that long for RS' to loose his temper, which in turn caused him to loose his page, and forced him to release all the Remaining NeoGeo Roms he had at a loss.

The End of NeoGeo Country

RS' didn't like the way everything had ended.  He still felt the need and want to provide the public with more roms.  Find those Rare games, Ironclad, Master of Syougi, Pair Pair Wars, Pleasure Goal and More.  I don't have much information regarding the next few steps in this story, got to love high security.  Whatever happened RS' deal with Apollo 69 was potentially back on.  A Similar deal, pay the boards, I'll dump the Roms and you can release them, new games, old games, rare games.  Haze too wanted to see some of these games dumped, but with NeoGeo Country and RS put to shame there was no way anything could work, messageboards made bad viewing at the time too.  Nobody able to find the NeoGeo Roms they searched High and Low for, an appeal was put out, Haze got himself a server thanks to the kindness of some people at Ohio University and that was that.

The Start of GeoShock

Quite a popular site from the ashes and so things progressed.  For reasons quite obvious to the public view of the site RS' was not on the boards at GeoShock, behind the scenes yes, and in order for more new releases in need of financial support yes.  His own, significantly less site was reformed, donator circles started and additional boards purchased by RS (found by Apollo 69) for Apollo 69 to be paid to dump and keep.  Master of Syougi being an early one, redumps were still being done for free as a bonus for using Apollo 69's 'service'

Everything was going along ok. Rs' popularity not that high, although he was pleased to be helping people.  Apollo 69's bank balance getting bigger everyday.  Pleasure Goal alone 500$ into Apollo 69's Pocket for buying and dumping.  Quite a part of that out of RS' own cash.

RS' was then made aware by Apollo that he would be able to get hold of Kof'99, at a price to RS' as usual.  That Price, a nice big wad of cash, or something of value anyway.  Manson and Wind had their little donator circle started.  To buy a 'bootleg' Kof99 Board.  That would do as partial payment so RS' worked things out with Manson and Wind to be the one to dump the Kof99 Board, this time Apollo 69 coming out and publically saying he would help do it.

Apollo didn't really need a Kof'99 Board to dump Kof'99.  He'd already got access to the Roms, well those of a production line dump thanks to Anders one of the pair that made NeoRage(X) Anders had contacts with people working with the production of the Kof'99 Demo Machines and managed to get himself a copy of the Kof'99 'Beta' Roms.  Apollo, a well known face who had contributed a lot! managed to get hold of these.  A couple of changes here and there. Bytes that don't matter, maybe a little Hi-Score table hack, change a few file dates and nobody would know.  Maybe you should actually try playing an original first. RS' was supplied with these altered Roms for release to the donators for a sum of cash and the bootleg Kof99 board.  Money Collected, Kof99 board arrived, sent down to Apollo, turns out it was an Original, not a bootleg, wanting a challenge Apollo spent a few days looking into the possibility of building an edge connector, failing completely, getting nowhere RS was told to give the donators the Roms Apollo had provided him with, saying they had been dumped from the Kof'99 Board provided.  The Donators were given their roms, glitches were noticed instantly.  Colours on Status Bars, Sound, etc.  It was said it would be looked into (nothing was actually done)  Apollo sold the Kof'99 board purchased to Marco_a, took the cash Rs' paid and made a promise of Fatal Fury 4 by a similar method.

The Kof'99 Roms got leaked, that I'm not suprised, RS' security is about as high as someone with their head in the sand is good at defending themselves.  Haze decided that it was someone called Rene Santos aka Haragan that had leaked the set and he was kicked from the Donator Team.  RS wasn't so sure about this however the other donators agreed with Haze and he was kicked.

RS' had to make cash.  PSX Mod chips was easy money according to Apollo 69.

Time passes.  Garou, is out.  Protected Bootleg, shame. Out of pocket. Someone Else Releases it.

So, the moral of this story is, protect your PC.
and know the truth before you go shouting at RS.

Now by saying this I may have stopped the development of NeoRage completely, RS may never come back.  Haze might have second thoughts about reopening GeoShock, the donators might get angry.  Apollo69 might go ballistic and if he gets his Magician Lord 2 Board we may never see a dump.  Havoc reigns supreme and not a lie in it.  Thank You again Mr. RS ^_^